Review of The Things We Never Said by Susan Elliot Wright for


The Things We Never Said by Susan Elliot Wright

Review by Amanda Donovan

The Things We Never Said by the talented Susan Elliot Wright is an emotional roller coaster from the attractive cover to the last page.

Chapters alternate between the present day and the past. In 2008, the story is centred on Jonathan’s family life, his frightening nightmares and his personal problems with his Father which affect his relationship with his pregnant wife, Fiona. His life changes when he discovers a shocking family secret and he has to find himself again. A second thread runs through the book with chapters set in a psychiatric hospital in 1964 and a young girl’s struggle to remember what happened to her. All Margaret can remember is the cold sea.

I was hooked from the first chapter of this intriguing and impossible to put down novel. I enjoyed both threads of the story and I could not work out how they related to each other. Susan Elliot Wright’s fresh fast paced style is brimming with excellent description, tension and strong emotion. It is impossible not to feel Jonathan’s anguish and Margaret’s pain. The two threads are skilfully weaved together in a tear jerking climax.

The Things We Never Said is a perfect summer read, but if the British summer doesn’t arrive, then this book will warm your heart instead. Highly recommended.


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