Review for Lovereading UK: The Passage by Justin Cronin


The Passage by Justin Cronin

ISBN 978-0-7528-8330-4

Review by Amanda Donovan

If you enjoy watching epic post-apocalyptic movies, such as The Road and I am Legend, then you will love reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. It is a post-apocalyptic adventure, brimming with rich detailed description and interesting characters. I enjoyed reading this epic adventure and was soon engrossed.

The book begins with a six-year-old girl, Amy and a death row prisoner, Carter. Their stories and lives are linked by a top-secret Army experiment. A virus escapes and the world changes forever. It is a fight for human survival against viral mutants who hunt for blood. I felt scared for the survivors who live in walled communities and stand guard at night. Can they survive for much longer? The story becomes an edge of the seat thriller when a group leaves the camp with Amy. Can she save the world? The group fight to survive out in the open as mutants stalk them – day and night.

The Passage is 963 pages long and at times, I felt that some descriptions could be cut down or cut out of the book without losing any essential plot or story information. However, I was gripped by Amy’s story, the imaginative world and the tense thrill.

I look forward to reading Justin Cronin’s next book, The Twelve, which continues the epic adventure of the twelve virals.

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