Review of The Amber Room (Book 1) by Tom Harris

The Amber Room (Book 1)The Amber Room by Tom Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Amber Room is beautifully written and well polished. The writing is often poetic. It’s gothic spooky and hilarious at the same time.

I was engrossed from the very first paragraph. I liked the protagonist, North straightaway. He’s a normal fourteen year old boy who just can’t help stealing and this gets him into more trouble than you can imagine. His antics made me laugh aloud a lot. “North didn’t like mints, but he was going to steal them anyway.”

He’s late meeting his sister, India and this has dire consequences for them both. His only hope is to find The Amber Room and he only has a piece of paper with a clue. I enjoyed reading how North found The Amber Room and thought the clue was very clever.

The Amber room has screaming fairies in the doorway and inside is Dr Tan who is a brilliant, well-rounded character. He’s very quirky and so funny that I had many laugh out loud moments. Is Dr Tan all he seems? Why do the fairies in the amber room door scream?

Then we are transported into another world; not just any world, but a unique and genius take on fairytales! The first fairytale is Sleeping Beauty, but it’s a fairytale with fairies in it. North has a difficult task to do, but it’s his only hope in saving his sister. It’s edge of the seat stuff.

The next tale is Little Red Riding Hood. It’s another unique take on a fairytale with excellent imagery. It’s the wolf as you’ve never seen him before and you might have nightmares.

I enjoyed the unexpected twist at the end and there might be a moral, but I’ll let you decide. Anyone who buys this book won’t be disappointed. It’s hard to put down. I can’t wait for the sequel.

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