Happy Christmas!

It’s three days to Christmas. Are you ready?

Here’s my tree.  A very annoying tree.  I carried it home and its wooden base fell off outside my front door.  The tree trunk would not go back into the base so I grabbed a saw and cut my thumb instead of the trunk.  I took the tree and base into my garden and bashed and bashed until I cracked a patio slab.  At least it’s only a hairline crack and the tree went back into the base.  Annoying tree.  It even dirtied my new crochet wrist warmers!

I have to sweep up a massive pile of pine needles twice a day, but I’ve forgiven it now.  It looks so pretty with the lights on and the crochet snowflakes dangling from the soon to be bare branches.  It could have been one from Eastenders or Corination Street.  How did it sneak into Southsea?

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a picture of my chickens.  I have two more, but they refused to be photographed.

Bianca.  Named after Bianca from Eastenders because she slapped me in the face with her wing and gave me a black eye. 

Here’s a picture of my latest project in progress.  To make crochet wrist warmers chain 33-35 in half treble.  Crochet two rows of each colour and chain 2 to turn.  Make them as long as you wish.  I decreased (dc2tog) four rows from the top, and then once per colour to make them fit snug around the fingers.  The edging is bobble shell from Attic24’s blog.


Wrist warmers to warm your heart and your hands.

A handwash made them as good as new after the annoying tree incident.  I have a wrist warmer factory on my coffee table as all my friends want a pair.  The problem is can’t get any to match so I have made three odd gloves and one snowman.  I like to do at least three things at once and I needed to make a last minute present.  You know when a friend says, ‘Can I pop round for a cuppa on Thursday as I have a little pressie for you?’  And you think, ‘Ah, how lovely.  Oh no!  What shall I give her?’

The answer came to me in a flash!  An amigurumi snowman!  I hope she doesn’t read my blog as it will ruin the surprise and I will be in trouble a little bit.

It's amigurami

I hope you have the best Christmas you have ever had.  I’m off to buy some marzipan so I can finish my Christmas cake.  Perhaps I’ll do a cake blog next time as I like baking and sugarcraft too.

Does anyone know if half a bottle of brandy is too much to feed a cake?  Smile.

Merry Christmas.

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