First year of Creative Writing Masters

I did it!  The first year of my two year part-time Creative Writing Masters ended on Friday. Time flies. I handed in an essay, a Portfolio and the first few chapters of my novel. It amounted to over twelve thousand words! I feel much relief.

I will spend the next year writing my first novel. Forty thousand words of this will become my dissertation. I am planning to write as much as possible over the summer, because I will have to go back to work very soon. The good life is coming to an end, but I will still have my chickens.

Here are some of things I have learnt about writing:

– Do not use too many adjectives, because they make writing harder to read. Remove most words ending in ly.

e.g. erratically jumped

– Check you are not repeating words as this is a common mistake with new writers.

e.g. I used golden champagne then golden sunlight in the next sentence.

– Do not use words that mean the same thing.

e.g loud boom noise

More on my novel coming soon…

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Creative Writing MA graduate
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